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About Us


Blooming Desert opened its doors in 1999 with the goal of bringing a new level of professionalism and affordability to the outdoor construction design-build market. We have obtained top awards from multiple outlets, which include being selected as Arizona’s only 2-time winner of HGTV’s Landscaper’s Challenge, as well as being voted the #1 ranked landscape company in Arizona with the Arizona Business Magazine for two consecutive years. OUR MISSION is to develop a culture that promotes a meaningful and balanced life, while pursuing excellence within the pool & landscape industry by creating functional beauty through the art and rigorous process of designing and constructing coherent outdoor spaces at affordable prices.


All projects, regardless of size, have a budget. We developed a streamlined process to reduce overhead,  experience low employee turnover,  use the most advanced construction machinery to reduce labor costs and use our buying power to draw down material costs. All of these factors allow us to offer competitive Phoenix pool-building and Arizona landscape prices, without sacrificing quality projects.


OUR CORE VALUES are woven into the fabric of this organization.  The refining process through the years  has allowed us to weather the high and low tides of the economy without sacrificing our commitment to excellence.  Our core values buoy us.  This is the life blood of Blooming Desert.

  • INTEGRITY:  We believe in honest scales.  This involves, but is not limited to, detailed and accurate documents that do NOT deceive our clients with inflated measurements. We are committed to using top quality products with elite craftsmanship to ensure that excellent projects are delivered.
  • INNOVATION:  We promote a culture of continual improvement where team members are encouraged to use critical thinking and advanced technologies in an effort to remain the industry leader in all facets of design and construction. 
  • INDIVIDUALITY:  We value the unique needs and desires of our clients.  We engage in the rigorous process of investigating and understanding the potential for each project, so that we can create coherent designs that meet the formal and functional needs of the space.  We believe our creative process, based on individuality, sets us apart as an elite, boutique custom design-build firm.


THE ART & IMPACT OF ARIZONA LANDSCAPE: “MOST of the earth is beyond the walls of buildings, and is untouched in appearance by the art of the sculptor or the painter.

Yet the beauty of this outdoor world has an importance to man of the same sort as the beauty upon which his highest effort has been lavished in the arts of architecture and painting and sculpture.  No one but a prisoner in a windowless house can escape being influenced by the beauty or ugliness of his outdoor surroundings.

The appearance of the land and objects upon it, the effect upon the eye of their infinitely various and changing forms and colors and relationships, seen in connection with the sky and all that it contains, is what we call landscape.  The meaning of the word is well brought out in Hamerton’s phrase, that land belongs to its owners but the landscape belongs to him who beholds it.  In this broad sense, the “landscape” of the world includes every sort of outdoor scene, — in mid-ocean, in the heart of the city, or in the depths of the country.

Whether we know it or not, whether we wish it or not, the landscape of the world, amidst which we live and move and work and play, continually affects the state of our nerves and our state of mind — in short, affects our happiness — by its beauty or its ugliness, by its infinite varieties of character.”

— Frederick Law Olmsted  (Landscape Architect of Central Park, NY)

Contact us for more information or consider viewing our case studies, landscaping galleries, before and after pictures, and customer and client testimonials. Quality finished projects alongside satisfied customers has placed us atop the pool building and landscaping industry in Phoenix, Arizona.