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How to Choose a Landscape Contractor

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Below are questions that should be asked during the investigative process of selecting the design-build firm you will be investing in and partnering with. Choosing the right landscape contractor in Arizona will help you throughout the construction process.

Landscape Contractor Research

  • From the time of our initial meeting, what is the turn-around time for receiving a design and estimate?
  • Will you create a design that specifies the scope of work?
  • What licenses does your company carry and what are the license numbers?
  • Are you appropriately licensed to perform all of the work being contracted?
  • Do you have complaints registered with the ROC?
  • Can I have access to a referral list of recent and post five-year clients?

Arizona Landscape and Pool Designer

  • How long has the designer been working for the company?
  • What is their work history/experience?
  • Can I see one of your company’s construction-ready documents? (Ensure that the document is detailed and thorough so that this could be built confidently without homeowner supervision.)

Construction Process

  • Will we receive a pre-site with designer and construction supervisor prior to construction?
  • What day will you begin and what is the construction timeline?
  • Are there any factors that may slow the process down?

Arizona Landscape Contractor Supervision

  • Is the designer or construction supervisor responsible for managing the project?
  • How long has the supervisor of my project been employed with your company?
  • What is their work history and experience?

Pool and Landscape Contracting

  • Are there any “unknowns” that could result in additional costs as construction progresses?
  • What is the payment structure (schedule-of-payments)?
  • Is the quoted price the final price?
  • What should I expect my involvement to be once we sign a contract?
  • Is there a final walk-through and how will we agree upon the completion of the contract?

Warranty Options for your Landscape Contractor

  • Do you have a warranty department and technician?
  • What is the process for submitting a warranty claim?