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Blooming Desert’s design team has designed and constructed thousands of projects. Every project is unique. Great thought, organized in an appropriate fashion for a coherent and exact production of the documents, is paramount for a seamless project. Webster defines architecture as “the art or science of building specifically.” This is where intelligent, creative thought must give way in an organized fashion to those that build. We realize that to be great in one area but average in another is not excellence. Our design group, operational team, and construction division specialize in “custom-scapes.” We consistently build the extraordinary. Though subjectively anyone can use words such as “premier” or the “best,” reality grades us all. We have an extensive history of designing and constructing in excellence. Due to the nature of our projects we carry some of the largest residential licenses issued by State of Arizona. We carry a General Engineering License, Dual Masonry License, and Dual Landscape License. Though carrying a particular license does not guarantee the competence of the contractor, it is a gate keeper and can help identify what the contractor’s scope is under Arizona Registrar Ruling.

Included below are the scopes of our licenses:


Construction and repair of appurtenances to residential structures. This scope includes all B-4R sub-classifications. R4-9-101 DEFINITIONS. (Note: “Appurtenance” is defined in R4-9-101 Definitions.) A. Appurtenances means all structures and improvements subordinate to a residence within residential property lines, excluding the residential structure itself, such as driveways, fences, patios, swimming pools, landscaping, sport courts and gazebos. B-4R Corrosion Control / B-4R Sport Court Accessories / B-4R Soil Stabilization


This classification allows the scope of work permitted by the commercial L-31 Masonry and the residential C-31 Masonry licenses. L-31 MASONRY. Installation of brick, concrete block, adobe units, stone, marble, slate, or other units and products common to the masonry industry, including mortarless type masonry products. Installation of grout and caulking. Tuck pointing, sand blasting, mortar washing, parging, cleaning, and welding of reinforcing steel related to masonry construction. C-31 MASONRY Installation of, with or without mortar, stone, structural glass, brick, block, baked clay, or other products common to the industry. This scope includes all C-31R sub-classifications. C-31R Flagstone / C-31R Stone Masonry


This classification allows the scope of work permitted by the commercial A-21 Landscaping and Irrigation Systems and the residential C-21 Landscaping and Irrigation Systems licenses. C-21 LANDSCAPING AND IRRIGATION SYSTEMS.
Preparation and alteration of land for horticulture and arboriculture. Installation of irrigation systems and controls. Carpentry is limited to decorative fences and screens, planter boxes, and plant tubs common to the industry. Excluded are retaining walls over 3 feet, decorative walls or fences over 6 feet, perimeter walls, fences, and load-bearing slabs and walkways. If necessary, a new circuit may be added to the existing service panel or sub-panel. Excluded is the installation of a new service panel or sub-panel. This scope includes all C-21R sub-classifications.  A-21 Landscaping and Irrigation Systems:  Treat, condition, prepare, and install topsoil. Plant all decorative vegetation. Excavate, trench, bore, backfill and grade as necessary for installation of landscaping and irrigation systems. Landscaping includes installation of non-load-bearing slabs, walkways and areas using concrete, brick, stone, or gravel; wooden decks; decorative garden walls, fences and screens up to 6 feet in height; retaining walls up to 3 feet in height; and all other materials and equipment common to the industry. Excluded are cast-in-place or tilt concrete; load-bearing walls for structures; and perimeter fencing along property lines or boundaries. Install, repair, and maintain irrigation systems to distribute water for the purpose of irrigation, dust and soil erosion control using equipment, materials, and fittings common to the industry. This includes electrical control panels and apparatus which are an integral part of the irrigation system. Connections to potable water lines, installation of backflow prevention devices, installation of hose bibs and installation of service lines from source of supply are permitted only when they are an integral part of the irrigation system.