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Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas That Will Transform Your Outdoor Space

Posted on 06/19/2017 by tipping media in Blog

outdoor water fountain

You look at your yard, front or back, and see it as pretty complete. You have beautiful plants. A small, productive garden. You have almost everything you need to enjoy your outdoor space. But something is missing. For many outdoor spaces, that missing aspect to complete your yard is a outdoor water fountain. It is some kind of water feature that can put a beautiful bow on a already beautiful front or back yard. Why… Read more

The Best Plants for the Shady Areas of Your Yard

Posted on 06/16/2017 by tipping media in Blog

plants for shady areas

Some areas of your house don’t get much sun. Certain corners, maybe whole sections, of your yard can be shady. And there’s nothing you can do, short of moving your house or repositioning the movement of the sun, to give those areas more sun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have colorful flowers and plants in those shaded areas. What are the Best Plants for the Shady Areas of Your Yard? There are plants that… Read more

How to Start and Maintain a Container Garden

Posted on 06/12/2017 by tipping media in Blog

container garden

Grow your own container garden. Start small and get creative. You want a garden. You want fresh vegetables, flavorful herbs, and beautiful flowers you grew yourself. But you may think you need lots of land to till up to plant a garden. Or that you need access to a community garden. Any space with access to sunlight has the potential to become your first garden. A DIY container garden is as easy as buying some… Read more

Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas

Posted on 05/26/2017 by Admin in Blog

Outdoor spaces such as patios, backyards, gardens, lawns, etc., are perfect spots to entertain in. If you like to socialize and throw parties, you should consider transforming your plain backyard or patio into an outdoor entertainment area. If you plan the design well, you won’t have to spend too much time or money on the project. Proper planning will also ensure the new installations don’t look out of place or disrupt the flow of design… Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pool in Phoenix?

Posted on 05/19/2017 by Admin in Blog

Swimming pools are an excellent addition to almost any property. They increase the value of your home, are a source of entertainment and exercise, and add an interesting design element to your property. Most homeowners recover some (if not all), the money spent on the pool at the point of sale. If you design and maintain your pool well, you’ll enjoy it for a long time so it’s definitely worth the investment. One of the… Read more

The Difference Between Pergolas, Ramadas, and Gazebos

Posted on 05/12/2017 by Admin in Blog

Modern homeowners want to utilize all corners of their property productively because they understand the value of space. They don’t simply build lawns and gardens on their backyard, but also add patios, outdoor kitchens, or install shade structures like pergolas, ramadas, and gazebos. Most people use these terms interchangeably, but there are several distinct architectural differences between these structures. If you’re caught in the pergolas vs. ramadas vs. gazebos debate, and can’t decide which one… Read more

Different Types of Inground Swimming Pools

Posted on 05/05/2017 by Admin in Blog

Types of Inground Swimming Pools

In-ground pools add value to the property and enhance its beauty. At Blooming Desert, pool builders take all of your needs into consideration before each project, and each pool is unique. However, you may have some basic questions about types of inground pools, so let’s go over over them. Here are the different types of in-ground swimming pools: 1. Vinyl Liner Inground Pools The basic structure of this pool is made using panel walls which are fixed… Read more

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Ideas

Posted on 04/27/2017 by Admin in Blog

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Ideas

Most homeowners want a lush green landscape with beautiful plants and pretty flowers. However, the dry Arizona desert isn’t the ideal location for the green, lush look. You don’t have to give up on a beautiful landscape just because you live in a hot and dry region or want to save water. Even a brief search on the Internet will reveal thousands of drought-tolerant landscaping ideas. Here are a few of them for you to consider:… Read more

6 Outdoor Water Feature Trends

Posted on 04/21/2017 by Admin in Blog

Outdoor Water Feature Trends

Homeowners have installed water features like ponds, fountains, pools, cascades, etc, on their property for centuries. You can find them in old American, European, and Asian homes quite often. Water has a calming and soothing effect on the environment and can help create a peaceful vibe on your property. You can incorporate water in a number of creative, fun, and interesting ways. Here are six outdoor water feature trends that can help you find something… Read more

Color Boost Your Yard this Spring with Container Gardening

Posted on 04/17/2017 by Admin in Blog

Color Boost Your Yard this Spring with Container Gardening

Every homeowner wants a pretty garden with ample colorful flowers and plants. That’s relatively easy to achieve in regions that have a favorable climate and ample rainfall. It’s not as easy to get the same result if you live in a region where water is scarce and the weather is hot and dry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any greenery at all. If you choose the right gardening method and the right plants,… Read more