3 Decorating Ideas for Contemporary Desert Landscaping

According to Edouard Andre, “The first law of a painting and of a picture on the soil is to be a whole… Without principles and without discernment one never attains veritable beauty.”
Homeowners can easily understand from this quote, how important it is that parts of a contemporary desert landscaping design work in harmony to create a landscaping scene that delivers a sense of peace for mind and body. Consider these three easy and surprising ideas to add interest to an area and integrate all elements of your landscape design project in Arizona.

Decorating Ideas for Contemporary Desert Landscaping

Hanging Seats for Outdoor Relaxation

For those looking to add additional seating or maximize a small space, hanging seating may be an ideal seating solution. The hanging macramé chair is a chic way to add a burst of color while literally getting off of your feet.
The design of the chair works well in combination with tiled outdoor showers and can be flanked in the rear and sides by outdoor cacti. The azure colored hanging seat depicted would also work well with other Moroccan-like elements, incorporating blue and white tiles and small, plush flexible seating for multilevel seating options. Such hanging seats offer comfort without absorbing much heat and can help owners enjoy a respite anytime of the day.

Grouping Cement Planters

Cement planters can add color and are a durable way to achieve texture and eye appeal in a variety of desert landscaping spaces. Cacti and other desert plants can be used to incorporate native plants and provide sustenance for local bees with minimal maintenance.
Cement planters can be grouped on one level or at multiple stages to add more interest to an area. In addition, simply using a cool color palette with selected plants, stones and planters can create a sense of coolness in an otherwise hot area. Designers may choose to use dark gravel to top-dress exposed potting soil in containers.
For owners that want a lush design, using potted palms, succulents and cacti in variously sized cement planters in the same hue hits the mark. It is easy to change out plants from cement planters and regroup the planters as seasons and preferences change.

Incorporating Graphic Prints for Aesthetic Pleasure

Bring graphic prints and elements into a landscape design. Think beyond fabric with walls and dividers made out of breeze block to create separate spaces while still inviting light and surrounding greenery in. Play off the graphic design with seating elements and tile work that complements and adds visual interest to an area.
Do not forget how plants can be integrated into design. The sculptural shape of a towering agave can highlight entry points or be used in back spaces. Their long pointed leaves paired with the contours of a durable planter can work well to add organic components and add curves and lines to a design layout with graphic elements.

Professional Landscaping Planning Before Execution

Suggested plantings for more arid Arizona regions include agave, yucca, baby barrel cactus and thimble cactus, as well as other succulents and cacti. A well-planned landscape can withstand drought and provide enjoyment for homeowners for years to come. Explore contemporary designs and various approaches to find the most suitable match for your preferences, space and budget. Consider the Arizona climate as you identify plantings and arrange seating spaces to create a relaxing and attractive landscape design.
Landscape design begins with inspiration but depends upon a solid relationship with a landscape architect that understands your vision to bring it to successful completion. Discuss your project with a professional that can demonstrate similar completed projects within their portfolio and make suggestions that assist in practical implementation in a specified space. Work with an experienced professional landscaping company, such as Blooming Desert, that can bring your ideas to life in Arizona.