4 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

The front yard is often the first things your guests see when they approach your home. If the yard is poorly-planned and disorganized, it’ll draw attention away from your beautiful home and leave a poor impression on your guests. The front yard landscaping design will also have an impact on the curb appeal and value of your property. That’s why you should invest some time and effort into designing it. Here are four great front yard landscaping ideas to help you get started.

1. Install a Fountain

Water adds flow and rhythm to a yard, which is why it’s very popular with homeowners and even commercial property owners. Fountains have been used as landscape ornaments and decorations for centuries and they’re still a common fixture in front yard landscapes. Flowing water and beautiful fountains just add something special and unique to the landscape and make the space appear lively.
Modern fountain designs are also quite versatile so you can choose something that looks classic and elegant or modern and chic. Some homeowners combine lights and fountains to create a mesmerizing effect during the evenings after the sun has set. Fountains can be as big or small as you want them to be. They can be centerpieces that immediately attract attention, or small corner fixtures that add accent and movement to your yard.

2. Go Green with the Bucolic, Country-style Aesthetic

There’s something very charming about country-style yard landscaping. It creates a distinct environment and gives your property a warm and welcoming vibe. Country-style landscaping is lush and green with herb gardens, beautiful flowers, and a natural flow. The design of your building, the landscape, and the surrounding areas must blend in seamlessly to give you that true country-style feel.
You need to choose the right plants and design to give your yard a country-like feel. It’s also a good idea to install local plants, stones, and trees to ensure your front yard blends in with the landscape surrounding your home. An expert landscaper will help you choose the right plants and design the best garden.

3. Install Palm Trees

Palm trees are native to regions with hotter and dryer climates and will thrive in such conditions. These tall and elegant trees will immediately attract attention and add interest to your front yard. Many palm trees are also draught resistant so they won’t require much maintenance or water.
Palm trees add a cool and relaxed vibe to any front yard and are easier to maintain than most options available in the market. An expert landscaper will help you understand how to keep your palm trees healthy and green throughout the year.

4. Install Iron Gates

Iron gates make a statement even as they improve the overall security of your property. These installations are beautiful and grand, especially if you choose a design with intricate details. Iron gates with delicate scroll-work and beautiful designs will immediately attract attention and improve the overall curb appeal. They’ll also complete the look of your entire front yard and make it seem more organized.
Iron gates come in different colors and designs, and they’re very customizable. If you don’t like the traditional railing and scrollwork design, you can always create something that appeals to your personal taste. Some people install gates with spider web or octopus tentacles designed on them so you’re only limited by your imagination here.
These four ideas can help you enhance the beauty of your front yard and your entire property. There’s no shortage of front yard landscaping ideas so if you put in some creativity and effort, you can have a beautiful outdoor space in front of your home. Contact Blooming Desert for even more ideas and get started on your landscaping project.