5 Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Yard

Many people dream of spending a soothing evening soaking in their very own hot tub to recover after a long day. Others see having a hot tub as the perfect excuse to throw a party. Whether you seek quiet relaxation, or social interaction, and no matter if you already own a spa, or are just now planning to install one — a hot tub is a great addition to your home. Just don’t underestimate how much proper hardscaping and landscaping will add to your enjoyment.

Creative Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

There are many great hot tub landscaping ideas, but you should:

Decide how you will use your hot tub.

Homeowners who plan to host gatherings, may want to consider creating an outdoor entertainment space around their hot tub. A deck with a built-in grill, an outdoor fireplace, and plenty of space for seating is ideal. Those who want a more personal space may prefer to separate their hot tub from the rest of their yard.

Choose the best location.

You will want to spend a lot of time in your hot tub, so try to place it where you will love the view. If you among the few who are lucky enough to have access to a beautiful vista, the choice is easy, but most homeowners will need to get creative. Try adding fire and water features to create interest, and remember to locate your spa away from common distractions.

Use nature to create the privacy you want.

While a simple fence may keep your neighbors from staring, it doesn’t always create the right mood. Many hot tub owners prefer to utilize nature to maintain their privacy. The key is to find plants which work well, with your yard’s landscape design, yet offer good concealment. Dense foliage, or even natural boulders are great ways to avoid prying eyes while retaining the relaxing look of nature.

Consider the sun.

Just because the water is hot, doesn’t mean you have to bake in the sun. Create the perfect shade by hanging a decorative sun shade, or by building a permanent arbor or gazebo over your hot tub. You may feel tempted to plant trees to provide natural shade, but hot tubs with overhanging branches can cause you to have to clean the hot tub more frequently.

Be safe.

Safety is always a concern. Avoid slips on wet surfaces by using wood or rough stone around your hot tub. A well-lit area is not only safer, but can greatly enhance your spa’s appearance at night. When you are not using your hot tub, remember to cover it, or use a gate to prevent a pet or young child from accidently falling into the water.
Designing your own private backyard oasis is difficult, but these hot tub landscaping ideas should get you thinking about the options which are available. If you still need with your landscaping project, you should contact an experienced professional landscaper today!