Do You Know What You Want? 7 Misconceptions About Having a Pool

Many people are skeptical about getting a pool or new backyard created in their home. Many homeowners are used to exactly what their backyard has offered them for years – a wide, open space that is available for whatever it needs to be. But is a backyard really a place for whatever you need it to be when it is not specifically designed to meet the needs of you and your family? Your pool and backyard should be a place to where you, your family and your loved ones can escape – while still enjoying the comforts of home. Your backyard is whatever you need it to be – but why not customize it to meet those needs all times of the year?
One of the mistakes many homeowners make when considering creating their backyard oasis is thinking it’s too big of a task to take on. Designing, creating and building the perfect exterior living space is a huge task – but one that is worth every investment. When you work with a reputable Phoenix design-build company that will take on this task from inception to completion, you can be assured the results will be better than expected. However, it does help to know what you want – and know what you don’t want. Take a look at a few of the top misconceptions out there about having a pool and creating a fully functioning outdoor living space:

  • I have no room for a pool

Many homeowners are discouraged by backyards that are either small or filled with vegetation, storage or other amenities. However, a Phoenix pool installation is about design – swimming pools can be customized and installed in many types of sizes and shapes and for many unique functions. Don’t let the size of your backyard discourage you from expanding its amenities.

  • There are too many options and none fit the needs of me or my family

This concern usually occurs when a homeowner desires to have an space created for very specific purposes. Are you seeking to have an exterior space that allows for different types of games or sports? Do you need a pool that is comfortable for elderly adults as well as functional for lap swimmers? Do you want a space for extensive entertaining, or simply a small area for outdoor meals? Your home’s exterior living area is fully customizable, but you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by options. Understand that with a design-build company, you can have a space that meets your very unique, very specific desires.

  • A pool needs too much maintenance or repair

If a swimming pool is installed correctly and with a state-of-the-art filtration system, the pool does not have to be high maintenance. Regular care and upkeep is important, but there are professionals out there who are experienced and can handle this. You must make sure your pool is receiving regular care and upkeep, but as with any investment you make, you must put the time into it in order to get the best from it. Additionally, always make sure that the pool you have installed is one that is built with quality and attention to detail.
buying pool misconceptions

  • Pool construction will be inconvenient, noisy and time consuming

Any type of construction does have its noisy and messy setbacks. The amount of cleanup a pool construction company performs depends on the company, however. When you hire a firm to design and construct your backyard pool and landscaping, you want a company that ensures the construction process is as streamlined, clean and organized as possible. Look for professionals who will clean up each mess and perform tasks with as little inconvenience to you as they can. Remember that some of the time, the construction and different changes taking place will seem a little inconvenient. Make sure you hire a pool design-build firm that understands how to keep this inconvenience and stress as low as possible.

  • A pool will cause my utility and energy bills to skyrocket

Many homeowners are also discouraged from the myth that a pool will drive up their utility overheads. Realistically, a pool will only bring up your utility bill by less than $100 a month – and only during the months when the pool is in constant use. Naturally, this is something to discuss with your Arizona pool company and utility company to determine, but don’t let this fear discourage you from having a backyard designed and created that fits your needs and desires.

  • Pools are not beneficial for the environment

This is a bit of a myth. Using a swimming pool for a year (and taking into consideration the use of electricity, cleaning products, etc.) only generates around 1% of a household’s annual CO2 emissions. Most people do not use their swimming pool year round, and the carbon emissions generated from a pool’s existence are nothing compared to the energy spent leaving the home and traveling to a beach or a resort that has a pool. Staying at home saves more energy than leaving.

  • I am leery of working with a Phoenix pool and landscape company who will not perform to my standards

Every homeowner has the right to be cautious when it comes to working with a pool and landscape company. This is an investment that is important to you and your family. You want a design build company that not only focuses on quality, integrity and timeliness, but one that will provide excellent results. Make sure you reach out to a quality Phoenix design build company who has years of experience behind the work they will do for you.