Backyard Privacy Ideas: Retaining Walls and Other Structures

There is nothing more relaxing than spending the day having fun with your friends or family in your own yard. Unfortunately, every neighborhood has a nosy neighbor or two, and keeping your yard from those prying eyes is a constant struggle. Over the last few years, the problem has only grown worse as developers are begriming to build homes closer and closer together. For families with young children, it is a priority to create a safe space for them to play outside.
You can create a safe, private yard without building an ugly wall or completely cutting yourself off from your neighborhood. These five privacy ideas will get you thinking about which privacy solution is right for your yard.

Five Creative Backyard Privacy Ideas

1. A Not-so-Everyday Fence

Building a fence is the most logical privacy solution. But a fence which immediately screams, “Go Away” may not be the most neighborly approach to the problem. On the other hand, a unique or quirky fence can protect your privacy without alienating you from the neighborhood. Try painting your fence a cheery color, adding planters along the bottom on the street side, or installing a welcoming gate can soften the look of the fence.

2. Use Nature to Protect Your Privacy

Why not add beauty as well as additional privacy to your yard by planting a living fence? In the Arizona climate, a few of the best-suited plants for creating a privacy hedge are Red Barberry, Alderleaf Mountain Mahogany, and Yellow Trumpetbush. Talk with your local plant nursery to find out which plants will grow the best in your area and soil without a lot of care. Have a professional landscaping company plant your living fence for the best results.

3. A Fireplace Wall Can Serve Dual Purposes

Installing an outdoor fireplace is a fantastic way to make being outdoors more comfortable during chilly evenings while adding a beautiful focal point to your yard. Choose an outdoor fireplace which complements the style of your home’s architecture. Add a wall above and on either side of the fireplace to block the view of strangers. Add some comfortable seating the area will become your family’s favorite place to hang out.

4. Latticework Panels offer Additional Privacy

If you are looking for a way to add a little more privacy for your porch or patio without complete obscuring your own view, latticework panels are a great option. Latticework panels are inexpensive and easy to hang from an existing roof or to install on the ground like a fence. You can choose from the most basic designs made from wood or extremely complex designs cut from a polymer. Increase your privacy by encouraging plants to use the latticework as support.

5. An Outdoor Privacy Screen Offers a Mobile Privacy Solution

There are times when a little extra privacy is necessary, but you would rather not cloister yourself behind a wall for the majority of the year. In these cases, an outdoor privacy screen is the best option. Outdoor privacy screens are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and materials which can easily match your home’s style. These temporary privacy solutions are easy to store when not in use, and can set up in seconds when you need them.
Would you like help in selecting which privacy idea works best for your yard? The experts at Blooming Desert help clients create the backyards of their dreams. Blooming Desert is a complete landscape and poolscape company which offers affordable custom design and construction. Explore all of your privacy idea options by calling (480) 756-9100.