Courtyard Landscaping: Custom Relaxation Area

Life can get hectic. When pressure reaches the boiling point, people need a relaxing place where they can retreat, recharge, and refocus. Creating that relaxing space in your own home offers you the ability to unwind everyday, and can keep away harmful stress while maintaining a more productive life. Building a private courtyard. or redesigning an existing courtyard so it better suits your needs, is the perfect solution for lowering your stress level.
Why is a courtyard the perfect custom relaxation space in your home?
Courtyards are unique spaces in homes. They combine the best features of indoor and outdoor living by offering significant privacy while providing the psychological and physical benefits of being outside. Taking full advantage of the space means you will not only need to think about how you will use your courtyard, but how its design, including the courtyard landscaping, will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.
It is your personal space.
The best courtyards are personal. Even if you plan on sharing the space with friends and family, you should try to design a courtyard which displays your own personality. The better the space reflects your style, the more comfortable you will feel , and the deeper the relaxation it will provide you.
Courtyards can be as simple, or as elegant, as you desire. While many traditional courtyards contain a pool, fountain, or other water feature, there is no reason you should feel your courtyard needs one. A humble courtyard with just the basics can be as relaxing as a more complex one, so the choice is up to you.

The courtyard basics

There are just three elements which are required for a courtyards: the ground, the walls, and what is enclosed within those walls. When designing your courtyard landscaping you need to consider each.

The ground

Many courtyards are paved. Paving provides an excellent way to add your personal style to a courtyard, and help to create more of a room feel. You can choose from a wide range of paving materialincluding: bricks, stones, and decorative tiles. Not every courtyard needs high-end paving. Simpler courtyards can utilize poured cement, wood, stones, pounded earth, or you can choose to leave the ground alone. Remember that the flooring of your courtyard will affect your use of the space. Bare ground will become muddy, while a stone or brick floor will retain heat, and may require additional drainage.

The walls

Without walls, a courtyard is simply a patio. There are many options for building the walls of a courtyard, but the most attractive courtyard walls usually match, or at least complement the home. The walls of a courtyard should be tall enough to provide privacy, but not so tall as to cast extensive shadows which cast a smaller courtyard in shade. Don’t forget that walls are integral to your courtyard’s design, and offer a lot of space to add interest by adding decorative touches.

Filling the courtyard

Regardless of whether you chose to add a water or fire feature, or to incorporate an arbor to add shade, a garden is part of most courtyards. Plants and flowers add life to your courtyard, and will help to create a relaxing space. Native plants which thrive in containers are a good choice. Utilizing built-in planters attached to a courtyard wall saves space, and adds interest.
Do you need more assistance with courtyard landscaping? Contact a professional landscaper.