Different Types of Inground Swimming Pools

In-ground pools add value to the property and enhance its beauty. At Blooming Desert, pool builders take all of your needs into consideration before each project, and each pool is unique. However, you may have some basic questions about types of inground pools, so let’s go over over them. Here are the different types of in-ground swimming pools:

1. Vinyl Liner Inground Pools

The basic structure of this pool is made using panel walls which are fixed together and placed on a concrete foundation. Once the structure is set, a vinyl liner is placed on top and it covers the entire pool. Here are some facts about vinyl liner in-ground pools:

  1. Liner pools are more affordable than the other options on this list. In fact, you might be able to spend $10,000 less upfront if you install vinyl liner pools.
  2. This pool installation process is very flexible because the liner can be molded into different shapes. You can install a variable depth, circular, or even an figure-eight pool at a considerably low cost.
  3. The only downside is that this liner tends to deteriorate over time and you will eventually have to get it replaced; this becomes a prohibitively-high recurring cost of inground pools.
  4. Liners can harbor algae if they’re not maintained well.

2. Fiberglass Inground Pools

Fiberglass pools are quite affordable and easy to install. They’re prefabricated so you can just purchase them, bring them to your property, excavate the soil, and place the pool in the ground. An experienced pool installer can finish the task in a matter of days. Some information about fiberglass in-ground pools:

  1. Fiberglass pools require less maintenance. They’re easy to clean because the surface isn’t porous and doesn’t allow the water to pass through into the underlayment.
  2. These pools are very durable; you can use this pool every day without worrying about causing any damage to it.
  3. Fiberglass manufacturing technology has advanced over the years, so you’re not limited by plain and basic designs. The pools available today look great and have unique designs.
  4. Fiberglass pools are compatible with salt chlorinators. These agents allow you to maintain the quality of water. The salt can damage concrete and liner pools but fiberglass isn’t as vulnerable to this solution.
  5. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase a custom pool design for your home because fiberglass is prefabricated.
  6. These pools are also a little more expensive when compared to vinyl liner pools.

3. Concrete Inground Pools

  1. This is a very popular and durable option. Concrete pools are made from poured concrete and manufactured on site. Here are some facts about concrete in-ground pools:
  2. These pools are extremely customizable so you can choose the size, shape, design, location, etc, easily.
  3. Concrete pools are very durable and can easily last a lifetime if they’re maintained well. You will never have to worry about replacing them.
  4. Unfortunately, this pool is a high-maintenance feature, because concrete is quite porous. Bacteria and algae can sink into the pores and compromise the quality of water.

4. Custom Inground Pool

Interested in building your inground pool? Talk to the pool builders at Blooming Desert – they’ll consider factors like your property architecture, space, budget, etc, and advice you on your options. They’ll also explain the maintenance requirements of different types of pools in detail so you know what you need to do to preserve the structure.