The Difference Between a Custom Pool Design & Cookie Cutter Options

Your home is your oasis. No matter how little or how much time you spend in your home, it is the place where you can be yourself, where you can relax, enjoy time with your children, build memories, rest quietly and simply take the time to enjoy life. Never simply consisting of just walls and floors, a home is a place we all work extremely hard to build over the years to make it our own. It is a sanctuary handcrafted by years of love and memories. Even if your family is just beginning, your home is more than a place you reside; it’s an investment you’re making in your life and your future.
The development of a home and garden that completely fits your lifestyle and needs is no simple process. Creating a setting that builds upon your family’s experiences, celebrates your travels, inspires your growth, nourishes your dreams, creates love and allows you to meet your goals – this undertaking requires precision, integrity and knowledge. You have done many things inside your home to meet all of these needs, from carefully selecting the right wall colors and curtain patterns to ensuring that the structure of your home allows you and your family to warmly welcome all who come inside.
Now it is time to translate that to the outdoors in order to take advantage of those pleasantly warm Phoenix evenings spent outside most of the year with friends and family. With the perfect custom Phoenix landscape design, your oasis doesn’t need to end with the walls of your house. It breathes forward with luscious new life into an outdoor living space your family and friends can cherish for years to come.

Custom_Pool_Design_WaterfallStandard Phoenix Pool Design

Anyone can hire a pool company to install a pool in a backyard. There are many cookie cutter options out there. Seeking a rectangular or kidney-shaped pool? Looking to add water features? Trying to decide on finishings? These basic questions and decisions can certainly be answered by many companies – but think about what you desire and the type of company with whom you want to work before you ask. Cookie cutter pool designs have some disadvantages, as does seeking the advice and services of just any labeled “expert.”
When you are making an investment in your home, in your future, and in the quality of life of your family, you don’t have to limit yourself to the most basic options. Cookie cutter designs are not only losing traction in the design world, but they generally do not present the plethora of design choices, custom opportunities and technologies that are available to you. In addition, cookie cutter pool and backyard designs do not add as much value to your home as a custom outdoor living space can.
If you are seeking a more traditional or basic pool design for your home’s exterior space, and you don’t have a need for elaborate water features or landscape elements, it is still important to remember that there is a difference between custom designs and ubiquitous, standard selections. The quality of workmanship of the pool builder you choose will have a long-lasting effect on your backyard landscaping.
Oftentimes, a cookie cutter pool will be built with very standard materials, and the company installing the pool is not taking into consideration your lifestyle, your style and design preferences, or the needs of your family. When you choose cookie cutter pool design options and work with a pool company that only offers these, you may compromise the quality and life of your pool, the value of your home and the quality you receive for your investment.


Custom Pool Designs in Phoenix, Arizona

If you want ensure that your home is a place that continues to build warmth, inspire others and welcome guests year round, a perfectly customized pool and landscape design can make your home’s exterior a destination for all who live within and visit your home. Imagine the benefits of working with custom pool design-build professionals who are experienced and educated about design, architecture, materials and technologies.
Standard pool installation professionals do not have this education and do not offer this expertise to their clients. At the time when you are investing in your home, you want the professionals developing your outdoor living space to understand and take great consideration about the following:

  • Why you want to spend time around your pool and in your outdoor space.
  • How and how often you, your family and your guests will be enjoying the space.
  • The lifestyle you lead and the outdoor elements that are important to you, such as lush foliage, an outdoor cooking area or a pergola, etc.
  • Any physical needs you or your family may require with a pool or spa.
  • Your personal design aesthetic and the overall design of your home.
  • Any future goals you have for your home and its exterior space.

Phoenix pool design professionals know that a backyard isn’t just a place behind the house; it’s the extension, if not the focus of, the heart of your family that is your home. Having a pool professional install a cookie cutter pool in your backyard can certainly help you continue building on the value of your home, but a custom pool and custom Arizona landscaping will allow you and your family to build memories, spend time with others and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Here in the Phoenix metro area, we are able to spend more time outside than most places. Our outdoor memories should be filled with warmth, comfort and peace of mind.
This peace of mind is one of the advantages of having a custom pool built in your backyard. Custom pool designers take great care to ensure the quality of each section of each project. From the process by which the landscaping around the pool is installed, to the step-by-step process of implementing each pool and water feature, in the end, your and your family will experience the huge difference between a custom pool design and cookie cutter pool options.
Remember – simple does not necessarily mean standard. Standard pool selections are often not available with the highest quality materials and expertise that a custom pool design-build company can offer. Your home’s backyard landscape deserves the very best care, and quality is the key to a timeless and lasting investment. To see the outdoor living spaces that our designers and pool builders have created, visit our Phoenix landscape design gallery and reach out to us for more information.