Determining Pool Structure: Which Pool is Right for Your Custom Backyard?

When deciding to build or overhaul your backyard for a custom look that fits the needs of you and your family, the decisions you have to make can seem endless. There are so many beautiful options out there, from travertine pavers that help create a Mediterranean oasis to whitewashed wood structures that provide shade to your traditional home. Before you’ve spoken to an expert, these options can seem a bit overwhelming, which is why it is wise to meet with a design-build team to understand what can best fit your needs. However, taking a look at different pool shapes that are out there can really help narrow down your pool construction decisions. Be sure to consult with Phoenix pool construction professionals to learn what types of structures work best for your custom backyard.

How Will Your Pool Be Used Most?

The way you plan on using your pool is important to designers and pool construction professionals. The type of pool you decide to have installed depends on room, location and how many people will usually be using the pool at once. If you have multiple family members and plan to throw parties, for example, you will need a large pool. If you plan on using the pool for exercise and laps, the length and depth of the pool will play a role. If you just plan on having a place to dip and you don’t want a large body of water taking up your backyard, you might consider a spool or a play pool with shallow depths to fit your needs.
In addition, you want to take a look at the future of your home. If you have children that will be using the pool with their friends for the next few years but who will not be using it after leaving for college or moving away, you want to consider a backyard and pool design that will fit both types of lifestyles. Different pools provide different types of functions, but many different shapes and designs are practical for both children and adults. Take a look at a few common pool shapes that might fit your needs.

Different Pool Shapes

L-Shaped Pools, Geometric Pools and Rectangular Pools

L-shaped pools look just as they are named. L-shaped pools are simple, and fit into a wide variety of backyard spaces. Like simple rectangular pools, L-shaped pools can be designed to be very suitable for laps. This pool functions well with backyards that are designed with a very clean, tidy look.
Geometric pools are pools that focus on clean, sharp lines and right-angle corners. Much like L-shaped pools, these types of pools fit well into very organized, functional design schemes.
Rectangular pools are a smart option for those with limited pool space or for those who don’t wish for the pool to take up a large section of the exterior space. Rectangular pools are great for laps and pool exercises.

Roman Pools

Roman pools are parallel on the sides and curved with mirrored half circles at the ends. Often flanked by a spa, roman pools are traditional yet modern, working just as well with  an orderly, Mediterranean style decor as it does with woodsy, natural elements. The end curves take away from the look appearing too sharp or geometric.

Figure 8 Pools

Also shaped just as they are named, figure 8 pools are functional in both large and small spaces. Figure 8 pools provide a natural, free flowing feel. They are extremely common and found in spaces all across different climates. Many family-friend play pools (pools without very deep areas) are shaped like an 8. Families enjoy figure 8 pools as they are also great for water games such as volleyball.

Circular/Oval Pools

Oval pools function similarly to rectangular pools; naturally, oval pools are generally long and provide open spaces for laps and water exercises. However, they provide a more organic shape than a rectangular pool, and of course, do not have that decisive, geometric appearance.

Pool Building Phoenix

There are many other types of common pool shapes that can fit the look of your home, but with a custom pool build, the options are up to you. The most important thing to consider is how much room you want the pool to require in your backyard. Many homeowners do not wish their entire backyard to consist of a pool or water feature; many others want the pool to be the grand focus of the design scheme of their exterior space. Pools can play a beautiful role in the lifestyle of your exterior space. Uniquely customizable and providing a serene beauty of its own, a pool can be the one element that completely brings together your backyard’s design. Make it your wow factor, or make it a part of the grand design scheme. Be sure to discuss your needs, your goals and what design elements you like best with your design team and pool builder. It’s helpful to know what design choices are out there, but the most helpful thing to do is speak with the experts.