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There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time, effort and funds learning about a company and seeking their services, only to discover they’re not as positively reputable as they promise to be. It’s a common story, unfortunately. Many businesses come with a strong reputation, plenty of experience and even great customer service, but the finished product – or the experience you have during the extent of their services – doesn’t match up to be as solid, full of quality or long-lasting as you would have expected. Reputation doesn’t always equal quality. It may simply equal that you receive what you paid for in a timely manner, and while money doesn’t always equal quality either, a customer or client should always get exactly their money’s worth of products or services. The best companies will make sure you get more.
Many pool companies, for example, claim to be experts in both pool construction and backyard or landscape design. This could be true for some, but a fully custom, cohesively designed exterior space cannot just be the work of someone with one set of skills. A backyard design – from designing and installing the pool to designing and creating the outdoor living space – needs to be the work of many types of experts. An AZ landscape design is more than a pool, plants and patios. This state provides homeowners with sunshine, beautiful weather and cool evenings more than 98% of the year. Why not take advantage of that? Get the most for your investment by working with Phoenix pool builders and AZ landscaping experts who work from a design-build frame of mind from concept to completion.

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Your Arizona home is more than the place you live. It’s the place where your life exists, where you and your family grow and nurture each other’s dreams. You want a design-build company that understands this. When your home undergoes any kind of large construction overhaul, whether it’s a brand new build or a renovation, it affects all who live there. Home and backyard construction involves strangers coming into your personal space, uprooting various parts, making a mess and changing things around. No one finds this time comfortable or convenient. Construction and design of an exterior space is generally less invasive than any type of home renovation, but it’s still a bit messy, and can appear very disorganized to any guests. Just as you deserve to get the best result from any company you work with, you also deserve to have the best experience during the time of service. With professional design-build backyard construction experts, you can be assured that the process will be as noninvasive as possible. Look for a company that offers the following:

  • Daily organization and cleanup
  • Daily inspections, quality control and communication with project managers
  • Frequent garbage disposal and recycling practices (no trashed backyards!)
  • Meticulous installations
  • Prompt communication

Ideally, the process of implementing your desired exterior space should be as pleasant as the outcome.
Many companies provide subpar service with good results – but this doesn’t always occur. When a company is difficult to work with, places clients at low priority and performs without communication, there is a high chance that results will either be subpar, off deadline or nonexistent. As a homeowner, when you invest in your home, you want – and deserve – excellent service with equally excellent results. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a difficult company as little as you must just to get to the end product. You want your work experience to be pleasant and streamlined, with an outcome that exceeds your expectations.
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So how do you ensure the outcome is exactly what you want?

Besides keeping the above steps and advice in mind, one of the best ways to ensure you receive exactly what you’re seeking is to work with Arizona pool builders and Phoenix landscaping experts who work from a design-focused standpoint. Initially, many homeowners don’t know exactly what they want, and it’s important to consult experienced specialists on the options that are available. These options are endless, and depend, much of the time, on why you are seeking a certain type of exterior space. Will the space be used for entertaining? If so, there will need to be comfortable areas for people to mingle and relax. Will the space be used for family sports games and outdoor activities? Then there needs to be wide, open areas away from pools and water features safe for young children as well as adults. Do you want a place to cook or mix drinks? Make sure to discuss outdoor kitchen and bar options as well as places for eating and drinking.
If you’re seeking a Phoenix landscape company to provide a cohesive design in your backyard, visit the Blooming Desert portfolio to see creations we’ve offered our clients. Be sure to give us a call to discuss any questions and particular needs you have for your home.