How to Blend Indoor and Outdoor Living

You unknowingly limit your home’s potential when you only strive to decorate and coordinate your indoor space and ignore your outdoor areas. After all, having a well-appointed space outdoors is an ideal way to entertain and is also beneficial to a home’s resale value. However, to get the most out of your outdoor space, it is important that you blend it with the beauty of your indoor areas, making it easy to travel from indoor to outdoor. Don’t worry, this isn’t as difficult as you might assume and can be as simple as landscaping around a pool.

Incorporating an Outdoor Kitchen

One easy way to merge your indoor space with your outdoor is to incorporate an outdoor kitchen. This will allow you to cook outside, keep drinks outside and in general be able to host from outside. To ensure your outdoor kitchen blends well with the interior of your home, consider using the same type of countertops as you have in your indoor kitchen in a weather resistant version. You can also add accents that blend with the interior colors of your home. Don’t feel you have to precisely match the colors and design of your indoor space, as that is not necessary. Just make sure whatever you use outside when building your kitchen complements the interior.

Be Smart About Your Landscaping

When considering landscaping around a pool, keep in mind that an outside entertaining area or outdoor kitchen is a great way to create designated spaces within your outdoor space. In other words, you can use plants, trees, grass or even beautiful pergolas to highlight a walk path, communicating without words the design of each area. You can also use them to hide less attractive items, such as floats or pool chemicals. Just remember, the idea is to create one seamless transition between the interior of your home and your outdoor entertainment area or pool. Blooming Desert landscape and poolscape does this job for you. They create beautifully appointed areas around your pool, through the use of landscaping and other features.

Don’t Forget About a Seating Area

Another way to transition from the interior of your home to your outdoor space is to incorporate a seating area. The idea is to offer all the comforts found inside on the outside as well. Try to keep the general style of your interior in mind when selecting pieces. For example, if your interior furniture is traditional and features wood, then make sure your outdoor furniture has a similar design theme. Of course, it doesn’t have to be an exact copy. Just make sure the two don’t clash, so no ultra modern pieces in one area with traditional pieces in the other. Make sure they harmonize, as this will help you create a seamless transition from one area to the other.

Contemplate Your Access

The final way to seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor spaces is to consider your method of entry or access. In years past, the back door was the only path to get to an exterior area behind a house. Now, you can utilize impressive gates or direct pathways, such as exterior walkways, that leads the way to your outdoor space. When employing separate entrances, your guests don’t have to knock on your door and travel through your house to get outside. They can access it other ways. This means your exterior space becomes much more than a “backyard.” Instead, it becomes an extension of your home.
Having an outdoor space is a huge asset. It gives you additional square footage to use for entertaining and increases your overall satisfaction as well. This is especially true if your outdoor space includes a pool, exquisite landscaping and other high-end features.
Easily blend your indoor and outdoor living by contacting Blooming Desert today. We’ll give you options that will create a unique space that is perfect for you.