Small Backyard Landscaping Tips for Your Desert Escape

small backyard landscaping

Landscaping can help you create a private backyard oasis for you and your guests to enjoy. Even if you have a yard without much space, there are many opportunities for creating a wondrous desert escape. Follow one or more of these small backyard landscaping ideas to turn a desert space from a dreary landscape to … Read more

Want to Incorporate a Garden Design to Your Backyard Landscape?

A landscaped garden adds elegance through color, height, design, and theme. Many homeowners have desired garden features they have always wanted to implement but lack the knowledge and time to realize these projects on their own. Landscape architects can help you realize a vision or a long-held dream when it comes to designing your backyard … Read more

The Difference Between Hardscape and Landscape

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Hardscape and landscape, while related, are entirely different. Landscaping projects overarch hardscape and softscape projects. While softscape encompasses grass, shrubs, vegetable gardens and other inclusions, hardscape includes ‘hard’ landscaping additions. Knowing the difference between hardscape and overall landscape is important—as a quality hardscape setup makes enduring, fascinating landscape. All About Hardscape Hardscape revolves around brick … Read more

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Ultimate Relaxation

backyard landscaping ideas

The home and surrounding grounds are a respite from daily rigors. Homeowners are entitled to enjoy the grounds and their backyard landscaping ideas without the interference of outside noise or unwanted eyes. Create park-like scenes that soothe the senses and embrace the healing benefits of natural elements. Enjoy privacy and a personal world of your own making … Read more

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Fall

low maintenance landscaping ideas

Sometimes, the easy way is the best way. Less is more, and low maintenance landscaping ideas are worth their weight in plaster. If you’re looking at new yard solutions, construction reworks or simpler options, check out our accessible, low-cost design tips. Rework the Pathways with Gravel Sometimes, new isn’t necessarily better. That said, overgrown pathways … Read more

5 Things to Consider for Your Outdoor Entertainment Areas

outdoor entertainment areas

When you’re in the midst of creating outdoor spaces intended for entertaining, there are certain considerations you should make. We created a list of five things for you to consider when planning your outdoor entertainment areas: 1. Recognizing the Purpose How you plan to use your outdoor entertainment space should have a significant impact on … Read more

How to Blend Indoor and Outdoor Living

You unknowingly limit your home’s potential when you only strive to decorate and coordinate your indoor space and ignore your outdoor areas. After all, having a well-appointed space outdoors is an ideal way to entertain and is also beneficial to a home’s resale value. However, to get the most out of your outdoor space, it … Read more

How to Decide on Your Pool Area Design

Swimming pools are an absolutely wonderful addition to any home but how do you decide the layout that is right for you and your home and family? Here are five tips to help you determine layout and make for a wonderful and beautiful swimming pool. 1. The Space The first consideration in determining your pool … Read more

Landscape Design in Phases

A landscape design in phases consists of a step by step process rather than installing everything on one occasion. There are numerous benefits to maintaining the landscape design as you understood initially. There are four steps that are involved in the landscape construction process: Design Development, Schematic Design, Construction Observation and Construction Documents. The initial … Read more