How to Decide on Your Pool Area Design

Swimming pools are an absolutely wonderful addition to any home but how do you decide the layout that is right for you and your home and family? Here are five tips to help you determine layout and make for a wonderful and beautiful swimming pool.

1. The Space

The first consideration in determining your pool layout is the space itself. The space in which you wish to place the pool has as much bearing on the final layout as the amount of money that you have to spend. You should take the time to look at the area you have chosen, take note of the general shape, the size, and any landmarks or features that are part of this area that are not going to be taken out to make way for the pool. A great example of this is an existing patio that you are working around. This is going to affect your layout and may end up helping you choose size, shape, and overall design of your pool.

2. The Pool

Another consideration is the pool itself. This means the size, shape, in ground or above ground, brand, and what the pool comes with. Some pools come with patios and decks if you pay an extra fee and this can again affect your overall layout. The biggest thing about a pool that affects the layout is of course above or in ground options. If you are opting for an above ground pool you are likely going to have far less wiggle room in your placement and other options. In ground also has some limitations however as you will need to look for lateral lines, buried electrical and phone lines, and other considerations that may be affected by the digging to place the pool.

3. Extras

The last factor that can help you determine your layout is what extras you want included. This can be things like decks, water falls, water slides, diving boards, fencing, decorative plants, patios, paving stones, and just about any other finish that you can think of for your pool. If you have taken the time to consider the space itself you should be able to determine the best configuration for your pool and for your extras and features so that you can get the perfect pool without having to sit and worry too much about your overall design.

4. Expectations

This is another thing to think about as your overall expectations can greatly color your placement of items. If you want a back yard oasis you are going to have to have more plants, more water features, and more space overall to make for a great backyard. If you are looking for a simple pool with a deck or patio you may not have as hard of a time with placement.

5. Money

The last thing to consider is of course how much money you have to devote to the project. Obviously those that have a larger budget will have more extras and more finishes to think about than those with a smaller budget. Your pool can be your own personal oasis and escape if you take the time to plan it properly.
If you are having trouble picturing your finished pool, you can always take the time to look up some potential designs, to look up some potential finished products, or to seek the help of a professional to help show you pool area designs. Often times the company that is installing the pool will offer suggestions to help make the installation process faster and smoother and to help homeowners determine what area is going to be best for their pool.