Sloped Backyards With Pools: Common Factors to Consider

Having a pool at home is one of the most exciting things about a hot summer. However, many people look at their neighbors’ backyards with pools and regret that their own properties are simply not set up for a pool. The good news is that professional landscaping services can shape a yard into a place that is perfectly accommodating for a pool, even if there is a steep slope on one side. With these factors to consider when creating sloped backyards with pools, you can see the various options available to tame your yard and get the pool you want.

Determining the Nature of the Grade

The first thing to do is to get a sense for the grade of your yard. As a general rule, the home should sit at the top of the grade with a downhill slope moving away from the home to prevent rainwater from accumulating. However, with a sloping hill on one side, homeowners often find themselves with a problem to tackle when they want to build a swimming pool. Fortunately, there are many different options based on the size of the yard, the direction and severity of the grade.

Sizing the Pool to the Space

Before anyone starts to cut into a hill, build walls or add landscaping, professionals want to help you establish exactly what you want in a swimming pool. Not everyone wants or needs a large swimming pool in a conventional shape. The pool itself may be designed to accommodate the slope with minimal trouble. For example, the pool may be built with an exposed wall on the downhill side. This makes the pool flush with the upper end of the slope and establishes a stylish design to match the landscape. If the pool is to be set near the bottom of the slope, the interior pool wall may be extended on the uphill slope, creating a unique look or even a diving area.

Retaining Walls on the Uphill Side

Should you have a significant slope leading upward from your home, you may not be able to simply accommodate the slope in your pool plans. Many homeowners choose to build a series of retaining walls into the uphill slope. This is an opportunity to create some truly beautiful landscaping to go next to the pool. The retaining walls are built in tiers with grass or gardens on each tier. You could even build a waterfall into this arrangement, which could be attached to the pool or adjacent.

Concrete Turndown Edge on the Downhill Side

Block retaining walls are lovely, but they also can be expensive. As an alternative, homeowners may choose to have built a concrete turndown edge on the lower end of the slope. A concrete turndown slab is poured concrete that is designed to function like a retaining wall. It costs less money and offers straight, clean lines compared to a block retaining wall. The slab is poured at the same time as a concrete patio, which would also be placed toward the bottom of the slope.
Backyards with pools are wonderful things, but they take time and careful consideration. With the right plan in place, you can enjoy a backyard pool with a delightful landscape surrounding it. For more information about professional landscaping and pool services, ask the experts at Blooming Desert.