How Succulents and Desert Friendly Plants Provide A Lush and Natural Look

desert friendly plants

The “natural” look is not only huge right now, it’s one of the most ideal Arizona landscaping ideas for conserving water. With water shortages being a problem, home owners cannot justify planting the backyard with plants that require a lot of water. Choosing natural succulent plants, and creating a real desert oasis in the backyard, … Read more

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Fall

low maintenance landscaping ideas

Sometimes, the easy way is the best way. Less is more, and low maintenance landscaping ideas are worth their weight in plaster. If you’re looking at new yard solutions, construction reworks or simpler options, check out our accessible, low-cost design tips. Rework the Pathways with Gravel Sometimes, new isn’t necessarily better. That said, overgrown pathways … Read more

Landscape Design in Phases

A landscape design in phases consists of a step by step process rather than installing everything on one occasion. There are numerous benefits to maintaining the landscape design as you understood initially. There are four steps that are involved in the landscape construction process: Design Development, Schematic Design, Construction Observation and Construction Documents. The initial … Read more