How to Prepare to Meet With Your Landscape Architect

Many landscape architects offer a new client consultation where you can meet, discuss your needs, and learn about the landscaper’s services. To get the most out of your first meeting with a landscaping professional, learn how to prepare for this meeting.

How You Can Prepare For a First Meeting With Your Landscaper

There is a lot of ground to cover in that first meeting, literally. Your landscape architect will want to tour your yard and hear about your expectations, goals, and frustrations. He or she will want to discuss the project concretely, so the landscape architect can then create plans for you to review and estimate a budget for your project. As you can imagine, there is a lot of information to be discussed over the course of the initial meeting.
Beforehand, you will want to think about how you use the yard now and how you envision using it in the future. If you plan to have pets or children, think about creating a space for them to use in the yard. If you entertain at home, you might want to hardscape a patio with sun shade. If you travel regularly and don’t want to put time into maintaining the yard, you’ll want a low-maintenance yet attractive landscape.
You may have problem areas in your yard. Maybe your neighbor spends a lot of time in his backyard and you wish to create a natural privacy screen. Perhaps the air conditioning condenser is ugly. Draw up a “problems” list and your landscape architect will come up with creative solutions.
Most landscapers want to know what you like and don’t like about your yard and about landscaping in general. Now, you do not have to be an avid gardener to talk about this. Simply walk around your yard, your neighborhood, or a local park and pay attention to which elements you enjoy. Take pictures of plants or yards you like. The landscaper will be able to identify plants from these images.
If you have always wanted something like a built-in fire pit or plants that attract wildlife, write these down. You are on your way to building a wish list.
Finally, think about your budget for the project. You’ll need a budget in mind before work can begin. Creative landscape designers are accustomed to implementing quality designs across price points, and can talk you through what your budget will realize in landscaping terms.

Before You Move Ahead With a Landscape Architect

During the first meeting, you should strive to talk not just about your garden design, but the qualifications of the landscaper.
What experience do they have with projects like yours? Do they have contractors, pool builders, and other professionals who will work together to bring your garden to life? What is the work history, experience, and education of the designer? Have they developed projects like yours before? Will they provide you with references of recent and historical clients, so you can check satisfaction with the work?
Take the time to interview the landscaper as well as discuss your project. When it comes to your home it is critical to have professional, qualified persons whom you trust doing the work. By the end of the first meeting, you should not only feel comfortable with the landscape firm, but also excited about your project!
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