What to Know Before Hiring A Professional Landscaper

When you open up another glossy magazine, you come upon the perfect project for your space. It adds just the right amount of color and creates an environment that soothes weary souls. Attempting it yourself can create more headaches and backaches than necessary and, without the necessary experience, can actually lower the property’s value if costly mistakes are made. A professional landscape contractor can assist homeowners in quickly changing elements on an existing property with the manpower and specialized tools to get the project done right the first time. The following suggestions assist homeowners to know what to look for when hiring a professional landscaper.

Collect Your Ideas

While some prospective landscapers offer a free consultation, many others charge. It behooves homeowners to prepare their ideas with as much detail as possible prior to meeting with a prospective landscaper. Consider creating a folder of images with elements that you would like to incorporate into the project. Create a clear idea of what you want to get a true estimate of the cost and time involved.

Know What Specialties You Need

There are three aspects of landscaping, softscaping, hardscaping, and maintenance. Many landscape contractors are not experienced in all three. Understand which services are required and then research to find landscapers that specialize in the area(s) needed. Residential lawn services are suitable for yard work while a full-service landscaper, like Blooming Desert, would be necessary for design and installation services.

Discuss a Payment Plan

Do not make all payments upfront. Contractors should not ask for more than 30 percent down to begin work. Holding off on paying the balance offers homeowners negotiating power if work does not adhere to contractual expectations or other issues arise.

Look Into the Background of the Company

Landscape contractors that specialize in projects often have portfolios on hand, if images are not available online, that customers can view. Prospective clients can then get a few ideas of the type of work that they commonly perform. Do some homework into the company, any consumer complaints, and ask for references. Call a few references and ask about the experience, if the final cost matched or is close to the estimate, and the type of work produced. Some may even allow a visit to their landscaping to see the work yourself. Do some sleuthing by checking their standing in the state with an internet search, such as “your state + contractor license lookup”, and see if there are complaints about the company lodged with the Better Business Bureau or online at www.azroc.gov in Arizona.
In addition, check to see if the contractor has certification or a valid state license from a professional industry organization. This provides homeowners recourse in the case that a complaint needs to be filed. Contractors are held to high standards when licensed. Homeowners are at a loss and cannot file important complaints if working with an unlicensed contractor. Examples include:

  • Failure to fulfill terms of the agreement
  • Poor workmanship or construction
  • Violation of build codes or does not comply with labor laws

All of this means additional follow-up work from homeowners to correct costly mistakes and ensure the safe construction of any project on their property.

Get the Right Landscaper Today

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