Integrating Rocks into Your Landscape Design

Designing landscaping ideas for your yard or home can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. What looks stunning in magazines and in nature can wind up looking very different when you try to incorporate it into your own designs. If you’re looking to have your exterior space designed or re-designed, discuss with a professional pool builder how to incorporate the elements you desire. From natural pools to desert landscaping elements, to water features and rock displays that flow seamlessly into the design of your space, there are many ways to create the backyard you desire for you and your family.

Take a Tip from Nature

One of the most important things to do when including rocks into areas such as a pond or a waterfall is to take a tip from nature. After all, natural beauty is perhaps the most stunning of all, and paying attention to how things occur in nature can help you build a beautiful retreat that looks effortless. Here are some pointers:

  • Use varying sizes of boulders and rocks so the waterfall or pond has areas to flow around.
  • Make sure your water feature has various twists and turns. Nature rarely occurs in a straight line.
  • Switch up the colors and mix rock colors that are found together in nature when you design your aquatic space.

Continue the Design

Homeowners will often create a fantastic waterfall or pool area with rock features, and then stop designing. This can leave the backyard looking disjointed and strange. Instead, keep the concept flowing by covering a pre-existing area, like a fireplace, Jacuzzi, or retaining wall, with randomly placed rocks. Once you cover the area with rocks in a random pattern, fill in the area with beautiful plants and flowers.

Use Rocks to Complement Your Home’s Position

If your home rests on a slope, try creating a rock garden to level out the aesthetics of the home and create a place where plants and flowers can take root and bloom. You can actually have the rocks “planted”  as you would a flower or tree by digging a hole, putting the base of the rock in the hole, and covering the bottom portion with dirt. This will not only keep your garden secure, but will keep the rocks secure, as well, helping to prevent structural damage.

Minimize Mowing

Rocks can come in handy when landscaping in many geographic situations, particularly when you want to minimize the portion of your yard that needs mowing or extra maintenance. If you have a larger area, or just don’t want to bother with extra yard maintenance, you can try to use gravel, slate, and larger boulder-style rocks to create a unique outdoor living area. This type of design works well with Japanese design concepts and minimalistic landscaping.

There are lots of things you can do when it comes to creating your desired exterior space, and it’s very possible to create visually stunning and relaxing spaces just by incorporating rocks. These tips will help to incorporate rocks into your Phoenix landscaping design in natural and creative ways.