Falling Water Features for a Peaceful Backyard

Adding water to a landscape is a great way to provide enhanced beauty, give backyard wildlife and birds a great home and enjoy a wonderful place for relaxation and retreat.  There is nothing quite like a peaceful pond or a bubbling waterfall to provide endless hours of relaxation, and the right water landscape can perk up any type of environment.

Before having a professional pool builder install a waterfall, pond, fountain or other water element, there are a number of factors to consider, including the amount of space your yard has to devote to the project, the level of ongoing maintenance you are willing to provide, and of course, local environmental conditions.

One of the first factors to consider is exactly where the water elements will be located. It is important to look at the lay of the land and try to find a level spot. If you have a hilly environment, you may be able to use that to your advantage as you plan the perfect spot for a waterfall.  When it comes to a pond, however, it is a good idea to aim for level ground, and to think carefully about the size and depth of the pond.

If you plan to introduce fish into your backyard pond it is important to make the pond deep enough so that the water will not freeze through during nights that hit below freezing. The fish will need to have a place to escape the ice, so be sure to make the pond deep enough to accomplish this. A fish pond will also need some sort of filtration and aeration system. 

After you have determined the size of the pond, it is important to look at the design, as well.  There are a number of ways to approach the design, but it is important that the pond fits in and appears to be a natural part of the backyard landscape.  There are a number of preformed pond forms and pond liners that make installing a pond much faster and easier, and these forms come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Make sure to discuss with your professional pool builder and landscape design company what type of water feature design will best fit your personal aesthetic. 

Falling Water Features

If you decide not to have a pond, there are many other types of falling water features to have installed. Waterfalls are very calming and can add a very tranquil feel to your exterior living space. When installed with specialty lighting, waterfalls are also very romantic, and create an intimate feel to any party.

Waterfalls do not have to be large, extravagant areas of your backyard pool design. A pool builder can install a quiet waterfall integrated into rock formations to create a very natural oasis. You can also look into custom fountains that are also integrated into your pool, spa and landscape design that have the same feel. Before determining the types of water features you want to include in your exterior space, consult a professional pool design and build company to understand your options.