4 Simple Sustainable Garden and Landscaping Ideas

You can enjoy the benefits of a sustainable landscape, whether you start from scratch or add environmentally-friendly materials and plants to an existing space. Sustainable and green landscaping ideas can be incorporated into residential and commercial properties and enhance the local ecology. Working with a landscape designer makes it easy to incorporate sustainable elements into … Read more

Cheap Outdoor Kitchen Ideas If You’re on a Budget

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget Summer is the season to indulge in outdoor living. Everyone loves alfresco dining and spending a lazy evening lounging under the stars with a few friends while drinking a cocktail or two. An outdoor kitchen and living area make it easy to extend your current entertainment space and make … Read more

Mastering Your Backyard Lighting

Good backyard lighting offers both a safer and more attractive property. Ample lighting helps to prevent injuries and to deter vandalism and other crimes. But lighting is not only functional. When a home is properly lit, the lightscape will add beauty by emphasizing a property’s soft and hard landscaping features and creating a specific mood. … Read more

The Best Plants for the Shady Areas of Your Yard

plants for shady areas

Some areas of your house don’t get much sun. Certain corners, maybe whole sections, of your yard can be shady. And there’s nothing you can do, short of moving your house or repositioning the movement of the sun, to give those areas more sun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have colorful flowers and plants … Read more

How to Start and Maintain a Container Garden

container garden

Grow your own container garden. Start small and get creative. You want a garden. You want fresh vegetables, flavorful herbs, and beautiful flowers you grew yourself. But you may think you need lots of land to till up to plant a garden. Or that you need access to a community garden. Any space with access … Read more

Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas

Outdoor spaces such as patios, backyards, gardens, lawns, etc., are perfect spots to entertain in. If you like to socialize and throw parties, you should consider transforming your plain backyard or patio into an outdoor entertainment area. If you plan the design well, you won’t have to spend too much time or money on the … Read more