Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Fall

low maintenance landscaping ideas

Sometimes, the easy way is the best way. Less is more, and low maintenance landscaping ideas are worth their weight in plaster. If you’re looking at new yard solutions, construction reworks or simpler options, check out our accessible, low-cost design tips. Rework the Pathways with Gravel Sometimes, new isn’t necessarily better. That said, overgrown pathways … Read more

5 Things to Consider for Your Outdoor Entertainment Areas

outdoor entertainment areas

When you’re in the midst of creating outdoor spaces intended for entertaining, there are certain considerations you should make. We created a list of five things for you to consider when planning your outdoor entertainment areas: 1. Recognizing the Purpose How you plan to use your outdoor entertainment space should have a significant impact on … Read more

Custom Landscape Lighting Ideas

custom landscape lighting

Exterior lighting can be incredibly difficult to nail down correctly. For this reason, it’s often popular to create custom landscape lighting. Lighting, itself, carries a lot of variation. If you want to invoke life, charm, and depth to your outdoor area, custom landscape lighting should certainly be a consideration. Custom Landscape Lighting We’re talking about … Read more

Fundamentals of Contemporary Landscaping

Contemporary landscaping is an ever-growing trend. Small yards, water installations, and easy-care plant-life is all the rage. More homeowners are turning to contemporary styles every year to take advantage of creative input. Contemporary landscapes are filled with wood, concrete and stone hardscape, and can be far more in-depth than many homeowners, yard enthusiasts and design-lovers … Read more

The Importance of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Professional landscape architecture can transform a home. When creating a backyard oasis complete with pool design, collaboration with a landscape architect has multiple benefits. A professional landscape architect applies both artistic as well as scientific principles to the creation of an original outdoor environment designed specifically for your home. According to the School of Environmental … Read more

What to Know Before Hiring A Professional Landscaper

When you open up another glossy magazine, you come upon the perfect project for your space. It adds just the right amount of color and creates an environment that soothes weary souls. Attempting it yourself can create more headaches and backaches than necessary and, without the necessary experience, can actually lower the property’s value if … Read more

How to Prepare to Meet With Your Landscape Architect

Many landscape architects offer a new client consultation where you can meet, discuss your needs, and learn about the landscaper’s services. To get the most out of your first meeting with a landscaping professional, learn how to prepare for this meeting. How You Can Prepare For a First Meeting With Your Landscaper There is a … Read more

How to Care for Succulents

how to care for succulents

Succulents add beauty and diversity to your Arizona desert landscaped home. Succulents, plants that store water in their tissues (leaves, roots, stems), thrive in Arizona’s dry, desert climate making them an ideal choice for home landscaping projects. From agaves to yucca plants and aloe, succulents not only look beautiful as landscape additions, but they’re fairly … Read more

How to Blend Indoor and Outdoor Living

You unknowingly limit your home’s potential when you only strive to decorate and coordinate your indoor space and ignore your outdoor areas. After all, having a well-appointed space outdoors is an ideal way to entertain and is also beneficial to a home’s resale value. However, to get the most out of your outdoor space, it … Read more

3 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Cool in the Summer

backyard desert landscaping ideas

As the summer heats up, why not consider your backyard an oasis? Cool down and take a load off in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Build something that you are truly proud to live and build a life with your family. With these backyard desert landscaping ideas, you can take your property … Read more