Ideas for Landscaping with Water Fountains

You may not know it, but there may be something missing from your property that keeps you cool and makes your yard look so much more alive. Landscaping with water fountains provides you with many opportunities to incorporate stone, flora and fauna into a garden layout that is a joy to look at every single … Read more

Customize Your Outdoor Space with Decorative Outdoor Water Fountains

Spending more time outdoors is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and boost your Vitamin D levels, but many families shun their backyards due to a lack of interest. Making a rectangle of grass into a peaceful and comforting sanctuary encourages everyone to get outside. Water features like decorative outdoor water fountains go … Read more

Landscape Design in Phases

A landscape design in phases consists of a step by step process rather than installing everything on one occasion. There are numerous benefits to maintaining the landscape design as you understood initially. There are four steps that are involved in the landscape construction process: Design Development, Schematic Design, Construction Observation and Construction Documents. The initial … Read more

5 Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas


You can’t always take a tropical vacation, but you can bring the same feel to your backyard with tropical landscaping ideas. The right outdoor lighting can transform a mediocre backyard into an island paradise. Whether you want to entertain guests with a beach-side vacation atmosphere or you enjoy relaxing in a trendy backyard, these 5 … Read more

Pool Construction and Project Management Done Right by Experts In the Field

pool construction company

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time, effort and funds learning about a company and seeking their services, only to discover they’re not as positively reputable as they promise to be. It’s a common story, unfortunately. Many businesses come with a strong reputation, plenty of experience and even great customer service, but the finished product … Read more